Power Pre Stretch Pallet Wrapper (YG-2000B)

Pallet Wrapper

YG 2000B

Power Pre Stretch Pallet Wrapper

YG2000B is suitable for companies that are wrapping on average 30+ pallets.

Technical features for buttons:

  1. Cycles for film carriage up and down
  2. Top wraps for pallet
  3. Bottom wraps for pallet
  4. Top wait function
  5. Reset
  6. Manual control for turntable rotation
  7. Manual control for film carriage up
  8. Manual control for film carriage down
  9. Speed control for turntable
  10. Up and down speed control for film carriage
  11. Run/stop
  12. Manual/auto option
  13. Power on/off
Power supply 240V single phase
Speed of turntable 0~10rpm ADJUSTABLE
Film LLDPE film, inside diameter 75 mm
width<=500mm, out diameter<= 280mm
Diameter of turntable 1500mm
Mast height 2700mm; Pallet H: 2300mm
Pallet weight Max. Load: 2000kg
PLC Omron, LCD: standard
PDEStretch 200%


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