Semi-Automatic Carton Sealers (YG-1AW)

Carton Sealers

Carton Sealers

YGEN8 YG-1AW is a carton sealer suitable for heavier products, as a side drive machine it holds the carton while it is taping.

  1. Characteristic and strong point:
      a. Side drive belts.
      b. Suitable for heavier products.
  2. Power: 240V single phase
  3. Carton size:L(150-∞)×W(120-480)×H(120-480)mm
  4. Production rate: 30cartons/min
  5. Tape size: 48-72mm
  6. Machine size: L(1150)×W(890)×H(1280)mm
  7. Includes roller conveyors and castors


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